LBASense Air Quality, A System for the Environment

LBASense Air Quality

For Whom?

LBASense Air Quality system is tailored for Smart Cities, municipalities, public health representatives and urban planners who want to monitor the quality of the air in the city and research any connection between the environment and the people living and working in the city.

Why Do You Need It?

Air quality is a major issue in many large, modern cities. As the number of sensors deployed by municipalities in Smart Cities is increasing, it becomes crucial to provide actionable analytics based on data acquired by those sensors. Measurements themselves are nevertheless almost useless unless used as inputs to intervention strategy.

We, therefore, bring you the opportunity to analyse both environment and crowds at the same time. Sensing capabilities of the LBASense Air Quality system derive in fact from environmental and crowd analytics sensors. The former measure indicators of air pollution; the latter retrieve anonymous information about footfall and stay’s duration, passively listening to mobile phones signals.

What Will You Get?

LBASense Air Quality system provides:

  • values of pollution indicators like PM2.5, PM10 and VOC, sensed in the target area
  • the total number of people exposed to pollution in the target area
  • the total dwell time people spent exposed to pollution in the target area
The solution consists of a full package of sensors and monitoring tools. The system consists of environmental sensors and mobile phones detectors to install in the selected area, that passively sense the above-mentioned pollution indicators and anonymous signals transmitted over WiFi network.
LBASense Air Quality and Crowd Sensor
LBASense Air Quality System Composed of a Crowd Sensor and Air Pollution Detector
The users visualise results on a web-based and password-protected dashboard and mobile app, as well as via APIs for integration with 3rd-party systems. Moreover, data is available in real-time and historical views, in daily and hourly resolution.

Why Our Product?

Thanks to our unique technology, we offer highly accurate analytics at low cost, enabling powerful insights for any urban stakeholder. The system, in fact, highlights the critical areas where most people are exposed to the worst environmental conditions. This helps to direct resources where even a small change makes a big difference.

Do you want to know more about the LBASense Air Quality system and understand how this solution can fit your scenario?  Contact us to know more.

Photo credits: cover photo by Hitting Up Studios on Unsplash; all other images by DFRC (all rights reserved).