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Open Data – Special Offer  

DFRC, Data Fusion Research Company, is offering an optimal solution for contactless lifestyle to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With 4000 deployment sites, we are able to provide valuable data for customers who are interested in understanding better shopping, tourism and social life in Korea.

To comfort all the users suffering from consistent Social distancing, we have released crowd analytics data from multiple locations around the world. This data is provided as open data, meaning free to use for all purposes including commercial use. 

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People Flow Analytics from Korea  

We provide multiple datasets from the following locations in Korea:

  • Gangnam Subway Station in Seoul city (22,772,567 people during 2020)
  • Traditional Markets in Seoul city – Guro Market, Dogok Market, Suyu Market etc. (94,279,295 people during 2020)
  • Seomun Market in Daegu city (2,749,639 people during 2020)
  • Osan Osaek Market (5,836,967 people during 2020)
  • Namwon city downtown (254,626 people during 2020)
  • Damyang city downtown (438,234 people during 2020)
  • Jinju city Markets (1,348,837 people during 2020)
  • Busan Suyeong Paldo Market (2,292,784 people during 2020)
  • Busan Beach (898,238 people during 2020)
  • 33 Rest stops all over Korea – Giheung(Busan), Okcheon(Seoul), Guri(Sokcho), Yesan(Daejeon), Guri(Ilsan) etc.

Data is provided for free for companies that are eligible for the support for KDATA initiative. Please contact us for more information on how to receive free data under this initiative.


Data Sets On Request

Cannot find the area that you are interested in within our list? Please contact us and we will check the possibility of collecting a special data set that will fit specifically for your needs. We will also advise you if this dataset can be eligible for KDATA support.


Data Set Structure 

The list of the data set to be provided is as below:

  • Daily Footfall
  • Hourly Footfall
  • Daily Returning Visitors
  • Daily Duration Distribution
  • Daily Mobility

We provide an ideal combination of data suitable for the purpose of your data analysis.

Also, each data will be given in a different set of variables described in a table below.


TABLE1: Descriptions of each column


If you come up with any inquiries about our solutions and details on data purchase, please contact us via email or webpage.

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