Social Distancing

How to keep social distancing with LBASense?

Social distancing has required businesses to limit the number of visitors to their facilities. To meet these requirements, businesses need to count the number of guests in real time.

There are two common methods of counting- gate counting and snapshot counting.

Gate Counting

This method sums up the number of people who enter the facility, and deducts the ones who leave.

Unfortunately, especially while experiencing a high volume of guests, it’s easy for the camera to get overwhelmed…

Snapshot Counting

Here, we count the number of visitors by taking a “picture” of the site every few seconds.

This method is cumbersome, and doesn’t give a full view of all visitors at the same time, sometimes adding duplicates as visitors move. Further, the amount of cameras needed becomes expensive.

The LBA Sense Solution

We offer a low-cost solution based on minute by minute counting of mobile phones within the facility. Visitor count information is relayed via a browser dashboard and mobile application so you can easily appraise and limit the number of people.

Installation is simple- place multiple sensors in the center of the facility, connect with LAN or use the integrated LTE modem, and our sensors will fetch you real time visitor data right away.

For more information, and to get an estimation for the number of sensors that are required to cover your facility, please contact us at